Central lung represented tree depicts children with asthma playing and supported by communityEnlisting Provincial Health and Education to Adopt a School-Integrated, Collaborative Model for Children with Asthma: A Knowledge Translation Plan

Vision:   Health and school decision makers will fund and resource access to supports, education and resources for  elementary students with asthma that will optimize quality of life resulting from well controlled asthma, and knowledgeable and coordinated family, social, school and health supports.

Mission:  Enlist Health and Education to adopt a single, school-integrated, collaborative model for children with asthma.

Goals:   Employing tested KT strategies, engage decision makers and stakeholders in a process to:

  • convey evidence of the needs, resources and strategies to assist students with asthma;
  • further develop the evidence-informed PRESS model with informed input from across Canada; and
  • challenge and invite decision makers to take action towards the vision.

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